Boost sales with above-the-scroll notifications

Stay connected throughout the entire customer journey with elegant, non-intrusive header & popup notifications, from landing to checkout.

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Trusted by renowned Shopify Plus brands
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90% of visitors leave store without buying


Overwhelmed with popups

Picture strolling down a bustling street with vendors clamoring for attention. Your popups are like persistent hawkers shouting 'SALE!!!!!' in the crowd.

Spoiler alert: It doesn't work.


No personalization

Your customers crave personalized experiences but are met with cookie-cutter communications, like wearing ill-fitting shoes.

One size fits none.


Lost without guidance

Your customers struggle to make decisions without the personalized assistance they'd find in brick-and-mortar stores.
Like wandering through a maze without a map.

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One feed, thousands of use-cases

Notifeed is a highly engaging, non-intrusive and super easy-to-use notification bell, tucked next to your other header icons.


Drives more engagement

With a small red flag "Psst! There's something cool waiting for you!" Notifeed uses FOMO to invite customers, and sparks excitement when clicked.


Replaces annoying popups

We all hate them, right? Right.

Close more sales, faster with Notifeed

Deliver personal messages at scale to specific customer segments, and unlock new conversion opportunities

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Build targeted campaigns

Use Shopify's native Customer Segments to target customers in a certain region, purchasing behaviour, to deliver the right message to the right customer

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Performance Analytics

Track how campaigns perform and get essential insights into customer behavior, engagement, impressions, CTR.

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Don't just take our word for it

See what other Shopify Plus brands are saying about Notifeed!

The team at Notifeed has give me a great onboarding and helped me set up the bell on my custom theme!

Cartner, US
1 day using the app

A really great experience using this app, we are able to add key promotional messages without the pop-up which cause bounce rates and the team at Notifeed are really proactive in updating features.

Never Fully Dressed, UK
4 months using the app

Notifeed is a very simple app that our customers love to use it to check out what are the latest promotions. It's easy to install and the support team is really friendly

Farmacia Garcia, PT
3 days using the app

I had a custom theme, so the team at Notifeed helped me integrate it within 20 minutes!

Confections, US
1 hour using the app

What a great app! So far, so good very impressed with the support team for helping me set up the app

S.P.A Solar Tech, AU
2 hours using app

LOVE this app! We were searching for a notification bell to replace pop ups. Notifeed is perfect to attract attention without being annoying like a pop up.

Poshbag Boutique, CA
5 months using the app

Couldn't rate the app any higher - Helped throughout the installation process and made sure it looked great!

Evatac, AU
3 months using the app

I have been looking for a long time for notification apps for my store and this is definitely the best you can get.

Crearten, ES
Marketer at Facebook

Setup is easy and takes 5 minutes

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Create notification

Choose between Notifeed or Notipop campaign, set up your copy, call-to-action and content.

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Integrate with your theme

Simply hit "Enable", and the extension will automatically erect the bell next to the other header icons.

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Boost Sales

Showtime! Your campaigns are now live!

Replace annoying popups with Notifeed